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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 31, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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course, this third title is about a group of men who shares the same interest in spring training. they did not care about history or anything but each other. they knew no team in 35 years have won a game 7 on the road. they didn't care. they strapped and fought in can sis city just like they did in washingto st. louis until the last ball of the season that was sent in by pablo's glove. the greatest of them all, of course, is a 25-year-old lefty, on the last three weeks
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established himself as the greatest postseason pitcher in the history of baseball. [ cheering ] >> and other worldly. 25 era. and in game 7, wednesday night, madison bumgarner emerged from the right field bar pen like a warrior and knocked a five inning saved after a complete game shut down. in game five three days earlier, remarkable. [ cheering and applause ] >> mvp! mvp!
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>> i want to sheer something else remarkable. and something without which we would not be here today. and that's the giants' ownership group. they save the team in 1992. they agree to take the risk of building a privately financed ballpark in 2007 and they supported us through three world series championships. i want to especially recognize a family that sets the stage for this celebration with their constant love and their devotion, that's the burns family. they carry the team forward to this day. [ cheering and applause ] >> and what the who we think about often. now, their family members gratey on.
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please acknowledge the humphreys. [ cheering and applause ] >> you met our alumni earlier. and quite frankly baseball has always been about families. the story of love of the game and a past of generation from generation. i think oaf the children today who sometimes and someday will be telling their children about their 2014 giants and madison bumgarner's thrilling performance just as we told them about clark and willie mays. my father past away one week before opening day this season. i miss him everyday of the season and i miss him here today. i carry his passion with the giants and me just as my children and my wife, pam, carry it in them. [ cheering and applause ] >> so, so -- baseball is the
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most beautiful of sports because it is continuous in that way. each new generation of fans are stewardes of this game. today, right here, the giants right here and right now, thank you very much for all the love you give us, thank you for celebrating and let's see you back here next october, thank you! [cheering and applause ] [ cheering ] [ applause ] >> thank you, boss and congratulations again. now, fans to say a few words right now, i want to bring to the podium of a brilliant mind and a beautiful baseball mind, he's the longest tenure manager of all major league baseball since being named to the position on
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september 30th, 1996, during his 16 years as manager, he's seen the giants captured 7 postseasons including five national west division crown and four national league and three world series championships. give it up for our senior price president, and general manager and, the man that puts this team together, mr. brian fabienne! [cheering and applause ] >> before we hear the pablo's chant. i think i am a little light. not enough, right? pablo? [ cheering ] >> i brought that on myself. >> you know in the last three
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runs, each championships are so different and the one common team which everybody that knows me knows that i hated so much is dealing with the press. i don't mean it in a bad way but it kind of forced me and fascinates me on the other hand of people always asking why. if you are around sports or that organization, you should already know that. larry touched on the continuity in this organization. it is unsurpassed in any organization of all of sports. the commitment of the ownership is a long standing or the front office which is so consistent in their commitment to excellence, their loyalty and their front office is dedicated beyond with the contracts and the hours.
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players scouting does not stop in minor league, it continues to the major league team and the roster our group is as good as any. we have more long tenure employees on the baseball side of things than i know of any organizations and that's amazing to me. everybody is kicking around the world "dynasty". i am going to throw this out here, it does not make any difference. we are our own dynasty with our own city and we this team. this is how this team is going to be remembered and any other defins does not apply. it was not against all odds. it was not because we did not deserve it. these guys have mortal lent than they think they do. we know they have mortal lent and again talent wins out but
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characters really show through and how they stood tall together and took in on any opponents whether it was 18 in a game or 7th game in can sis city. cansis city. god bless the fans and the driving force and god bless this city and everything we are about. i cannot say enough about my feelings today for the whole organization and the appreciation that we feel. having said that before i bring up our manager on a personal note, i want to god bless, -- thank you, force,
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bruce, botch bochy. [ cheering and applause ] >> i call my players are a warriors, you are a warrior for coming out of today's celebration in this rain. >> in 2007 i nicknamed our team the misses. it was a group together that came and got it done. 2012, our motto was never say "die". and this year it was "yes, yes, yes". i call them warriors. this is the team that silence te
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the team pittsburgh and their house. [ cheering and applause ] >> this is the team that beats st. louis twice in their house. [ cheering ] >> this is a team i said it twice, this is a team that beats washington twice in their house in st. louis. this is a team that had to go to kansas city and won the world championship in their house. [ cheering and applause ] >> this is the best postseason team and yes, there has not been a best postseason team here. in this group here and i would thank them and i told them a couple days ago before the 7th game, what a great honor for me
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to manage such a tremendous team and gutsy team like these guys. i always get that gutsy attitudes and they don't care the odds are against them, they come out and play for you and play for each other and they keep oncoming at you. [ cheering ] >> so i want to tell them in front of all of you, their fans, i want to tell them thanks for their warriors spirit and the fact that i got to manage this gutsy group, thank you guys! [cheering and applause ] >> and to you fans out there, never questions our warriors. you did help us getting through what was a tough year as larry mentioned, we are the tough one, we look out there and see the
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orange and you guys stood behind these guys. you are our force. these guys feed off that force and i feed off that force. i want to say thanks. thank you and thank you! thank you for your tremendous support all year. [ cheering and applause ] [ cheering ] [ screams ] >> you know for me to manage this group and this city and with all you fans is truly a blessing and i mean that, thank you very much! [ cheering ] >> i think we need a bigger round of applause for our bruce bochy! [ cheering ] [ screams ] [ cheering and applause ]
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>> three championships! amazing. >> and now everyone i am pleased to introduce you the best spanish broadcast team in all of baseball, the boys of the voice of the giants. . pu caesar puentas! caesar puentas! [cheering and applause ]
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>> all right. >> yes. three times in five years, it is unbelievable. right? cheer [ cheering ] >> if i reflect for the postseason for this year, it was actually torture. for the first time in my career, i feel really nervous in game 7 and i kept on blaming the cold, it was not the cold. just to be sitting with all of you guys, i feel privilege and i want to say thank you to the whole giants team. these 25 guys that are making this possible, just making me part of this for the third time. i want to say thanks to everybody and if we can have a round of applause, please. [ speaking spanish ] [ speaking spanish ]
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[ cheering and applause ] [ speaking spanish ] [ speaking spanish ] [ cheering ] [ speaking spanish ]
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>> go giants! >> do you want to say a few words in english? [ laughter ] >> in 2012 only english. okay, now it is only spanish, okay? all right. [ cheering and applause ] [ laughter ] >> enough about us, now, please. [ speaking spanish ] >> please, let's hear it for our third basement and our center fielder, blanco and. and pablo. [ cheering ] >> [ speaking spanish ] >> how are you guys doing?
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>> [ speaking spanish ] [ cheering ]
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>> [ speaking spanish ]
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>> all right, let's hear it for blanco and pablo sandoval! >> all right, we are not done yet. now, jeremy and lopez! let's her it for them. >> i got a couple of people to thank, i want to keep this short and moving so we can party. one, san francisco! thank you guys, we would not be here without you. i want to thank the city royals
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for drafting jeremy and letting us have him. [ cheering and applause ] >> i also like to thank the other half of the broadcast team, they bring in the house every night and well, i personally want to thank the girl that brings it to you guy in the clubhouse and participated in quite too many. amy jeans! now, jeremy affeldt! >> >> hola. [ laughter ] >> i think if we were to do the ring this year, we would not put our name. we'll put matt bum. he's getting a lot of credit and he deserves a lot of
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credit. out of all seriousness, i was been a lot of a bullpen and we don't get a lot of credit, i am going to pump the bullpen a little bit. [ cheering and applause ] >> impersonally proud to be apart of an unbelievable bullpen. all the guys that's been out and competed. i got to play with four guys, romo and caslla,i got to be apart of three rings because of the help of these guys. i am very proud of this bullpen and i hope you are, too. [ cheering and applause ] >> i got to ask a lot of questions for the playoff this year and the common question is what do we need to do to win the ring. we did not need to do anything. we didn't need to win in pittsburgh, we did not beat the nationals or the st. louis, or
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be cansas. we want to beat them and we wanted game 7. [ cheering and applause ] >> [ speaking spanish ] >> i know como, too. you know, in my last thing, y'all wearing those sweatshirts. when we went to kansas city, we saw it says "take the crown". i don't care what they say dynasty, if you have come to a san francisco games, you all know how hard it is to win these games. i am proud to stand next to these three
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trophies. the front office and our families and fans, we can all wear different shirts and our shirts say what a dynasty wears, it says "kiss the ring" and that's what we wear and i am proud of it. [ cheering ] [ cheering and applause ] >> now, all right, my pleasure to introduce the tv announcers. let's hear it for them. [ applause ]
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>> we have a fan base that's like no other fan base in this country. if someone were to say can you explain why they are different, it is hard to explain. but, realized the best way to explain it was to go back on game 7 on wednesday with one out in the 9th inning, there was a pop up. and it was on the first baseline and it was caught by a giraffe. [ cheering and applause ] and, we get that and so does our fan base. and then the biggest thought of the year, what was a pop up, down the third baseline and it was caught by a panda and you guys get that. [ cheering and applause ] and that's why we love you.
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>> i am going to break out the 2012 elimination because it is audience participation. and you guys have been standing around and sitting around and you want to make some noise and we want you to do that and we want you to make some noise. you know how the home run calls go, correct? i got a chance to call a lot of them. he hits it hi, he hits it deep, and he gets it -- [ cheering ] [ cheering and applause ] >> that was awesome. >> all right, that's pretty good. remember it is like a three part call, it is ah-duh-here! let's start out with the dodgers. >> [fans booing] >> yes, they were supposed to go onto the postseason
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but they did not. the los angeles dodgers, they are the -- that's not bad. the giants traveling to pittsburgh. it is elimination game. pirates were favored. the pitth pirates. they are out of here. that's exactly right. now, the nationals on paper evey says, oh, giants, don't have a chance, this is going to be a quick series. >> they are, all right, -- we'll
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save the best to last. the royals have home field advantage and they take it to game seven. you know they are pretty good, they are, they are not here, we are. the kansas city royals they are -- yes, they are. and here is my partner, mike grucco. thank you. [ cheering and applause ] >> thank you, smotthie. >> we have been praying for rain and praying for a long time. and we get them on the same day. [ laughter ] >> how cool is that? [ cheering and applause ] >> 1962, i got a phone call from my roommate. he was
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raised here in valero and he was a die hard fan. the first thing he said to me, congratulations, you are going to the land of the believers. [ cheering and applause ] >> he was riechlth right and that's who we are. you believed in this team since 1958. and this group of players behind me and every other player that wore that giants' uniforms. it is what fuels us and gives us penalty. we sing about it every 8th inning at the ballpark. we even had the guy that wrote the song come out to sing it with us. [ cheering ] >> what has happened along the way is we have become the center of the baseball world. nobody has it better than us. [ cheering ] >> my favorite thing in this postseason was after game
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one in kansas city, a writer asked sand doovl that that's a good crowd, here, right? yeah, but we get it every night. every one of these guys will never get you for granted. your belief and pride is the backbone of every accomplishment they ever had. and it allows me to stand here before you again today for the third times in five years and i can say we are the giants! [ cheering ] [ cheering and applause ] >> we are san francisco! cheer here >> we are the world champions! [ cheering ]


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